World Trade Center welcomes Rwandan Women’s Drumming Group

Ingoma Nshya makes a special visit to the Oculus during U.S. visit

At Westfield World Trade Center, we strive to bring community events to the fantastic space at the Oculus.

We were recently honored to welcome and host Ingoma Nshya, the Rwandan Women’s Drumming Group who gave a memorizing drumming performance.

Ingoma Nshya translates as “New Drum” and New Power” and was created in 2004 by Gakire Odile who braved the traditional Rwandan prohibition forbidding women from drumming to create Ingoma Nshya.

The troupe is an inspiring cultural paradigm of female leadership and healing following the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, and serves to foster female empowerment and gender equality, infused with respect, unity, and joy.

At the Oculus the group performed a mix of traditional Rwandan repertoires and their own commissions. Hundreds of commuters, office workers, and tourists were stopped in their tracks by the vibrant, energetic, and colorful lunchtime performance!

Special thanks to Sing for Hope for facilitating the performance and bringing Ingoma Nshya to the Oculus during their U.S. visit.

There are many summer events planned at Westfield World Trade Center from live music to wellness classes. Visit the events calendar to learn more.

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