World Trade Center celebrates World Refugee Day

Visitors to the Oculus invited to contribute to interactive art mural

In honor of World Refugee Day, we were privileged to welcome the International Rescue Committee and Artolution at Westfield World Trade Center. As part of the day’s festivities, guests were invited to create an enormous interactive art mural recognizing the strength, courage, and resilience of 110 million people who are displaced across the world, while highlighting the root causes such as war and persecution.

Commuters, tourists, and locals were invited to contribute to the stunning participatory art piece by writing and drawing on the mural in response to the prompt “Describe what refugees bring to your community.” Hundreds of people took time out of their day to share the positive contributions refugees are making to our communities right here in New York City and around the world.

In addition to contributing to the mural, visitors also had the opportunity to learn more about forced displacement and the work of the International Rescue Committee, as well as discovering some of the ordinary and extraordinary ways that refugees are shaping our policies, arts, traditions, dreams, and futures.

This important activation was another example of how at Westfield World Trade Center, we strive to bring community events to News York’s iconic Oculus.

There are many summer events planned at Westfield World Trade Center from live music to wellness classes. Visit the events calendar to learn more.

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