Streamlining operations with the Mallcomm platform

URW has partnered with technology company Mallcomm to roll out a new platform for centralized, real-time communications, operations management and tenant engagement at LAX and Chicago O'Hare.

Used in 90 other URW properties around the world, Mallcomm is providing on-site management teams at LAX and ORD with essential tools to save time and deliver world-class operations within the fast-paced airport environment thanks to its ability to send instant, traceable messages and memos at the push of a button, reaching individuals via their mobile device no matter where they are.

Brian Petrow, Vice President, URW, said, “Now more than ever, facilitating efficient, two-way communication among our tenants and partners is mission critical to operational excellence. Introducing Mallcomm at LAX and O’Hare enhances and streamlines our communications and operations management processes – all in real time from anywhere.”

URW will also benefit from the platform’s ability to facilitate efficient operations management and workflows. Within the complex operating environment of an airport terminal, Mallcomm enables management to issue digital checklists to selected teams or retailers with a digital signature required on completion. Not only does digitizing this process save time, but it also provides invaluable data for traceability and operational maintenance standards. By pairing digital checklists with the ticketing module, workflows can be automatically generated to ensure that the correct teams are notified of maintenance or operational issues as soon as they are discovered.

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