Reinventing the Travel Experience

Sherri Smith, the General Manager at Newark Liberty sat down with Susan Judge from Customer Service Experience to talk about the awesome snowball effect of kindness happening at the airport.

Sherri, what spurred the creation of this program?

“We started the #SayHAPPY campaign and Random Acts of Kindness to further enhance the travel experience at Newark Liberty. Travelers want to be engaged during their trip with little moments that surprise and delight. We are training our frontline customer service associates to be “secret agents of happiness.” These secret agents of happiness will target a few random customers to provide an infusion of joy to enliven their travel experience with random acts of kindness. We want every traveler who comes through Newark Liberty to have an efficient, memorable journey, and these random acts of kindness are a fun chance to deliver smiles along the way.”

How has this program impacted the passenger’s travel experiences?  What are some of your favorite airport stories?

“Travelers love the Random Acts of Kindness initiative. There’s power in the joy it creates, and travelers even pay it forward. For example, we worked with an operating partner to target a few customers waiting in line to buy coffee and donuts and offered to pay for their purchase. The customers were so moved by this act of kindness, they in turn purchased meals for others. There was this awesome snowball effect of kindness, and it showed the manager what a program like this can do.”

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