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Reinventing the Travel Experience

URW Airports at a Glance

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Broad Resources to Extend Your Team

With an unparalleled track-record in consumer destinations, URW is ideally positioned to deliver world-class projects and continue optimizing them through ongoing investment and superior asset management. Leveraging our vast local and global resources—design, development, leasing, operations, tenant coordination, operations, marketing and customer experience, digital, and more—we take a collaborative approach to extend your team and achieve your goals. Keep up with the latest news.

Inspiring & Exciting Environments

From spectacular architecture and iconic shop fronts to intuitive wayfinding that eases and enlivens the journey, we design, develop, and build inspiring and exciting environments where people want to spend time. With an award-winning portfolio of flagship airport and retail destinations, the customer experience is at the center of our approach, with leading environmental standards and sustainable design to future-proof our assets and create shared value for our communities. Learn more about our world-class design.

Access to an Unmatched Brand Portfolio

We provide access to and leverage over a global marketplace of hundreds of the world’s most sought-after brands and companies. From transcontinental icons, digital natives, and dynamic influencers to diverse local concepts and entrepreneurs, only URW can deliver this best-in-class, always evolving mix. Check out the latest in leasing.

Scalable Digital Innovation

From our growing digital marketplace to contactless mobile ordering and delivery, we leverage technology and innovation to deliver first-to-market experiences that enhance customer service, reduce friction, and drive revenue. Partnering with airports and industry innovators to create agile and scalable platforms, we are constantly evolving to future-proof our programs, deliver new brands and experiences that today’s consumers desire, and drive sustained growth for our partners. Learn more about our latest digital offerings.

Abiding Commitment to our Communities

We are deeply committed to serving as a catalyst for advancement and growth for people, local businesses and entrepreneurs, and the local communities we serve. From our track record of exceeding ACDBE goals, to growing diverse participation at all levels through our Advance Network initiative, to partnerships across our communities, we are focused in breaking down barriers to foster a more inclusive industry. Learn more and join us here.

Laser Focused on the Customer

Our unique, data-driven approach to delivering more seamless, relevant, and personalized customer journeys enables our partners to meet the needs of today’s digital-first consumers and touchless travelers. Read more about how we are reinventing the customer experience here.