If you’re like most of us, work is an important part of life. With so many places at John F. Kennedy International Airport to cozy up with a laptop—including WiFi access and public charging outlets—there’s no better time to get focused. If you’ve forgotten to pack the right equipment, or just want to upgrade, JFK T8 offers plenty of places to shop for electronics and office essentials.

Where to Update Work Gear

Let’s be honest, most of us can’t live without our electronic devices. With mobile phones, personal computers, tablets, navigation systems, and the like, gadgets keep our lives running smoothly. Stay up to date by upgrading your tech gear—or at least the accessories that protect them.

Top 5 Best Gadgets

With technology improving at rapid speed, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest crop of electronics and devices. Grab these five innovative gadgets before they become obsolete.