No matter your preference in cuisine, John F. Kennedy International Airport T8 has it all. Whether you prefer to chow down on authentic New York style pizza, or just want to grab a quick burger in the Dining Terrace, the options abound for quelling your hunger pangs.

Where to Get a Taste of New York

From classic New York style pizza to those famous delicatessens, New York City is known for its food. As luck would have it, JFK T8 hosts many of the city’s best, offering one last chance to experience any local flavors that you might have missed. Check out some of the highlights.


Top 5 Local Eats

In the city of New York, residents take their dining seriously, so you can be sure to experience a range of culinary delights at JFK T8. Sample them all, from juicy steaks to classic New York pizza.

Where to Dine When Short on Time

With all there is to see and do at JFK T8, time may not allow for a full, sit-down-and-order type of meal. If grabbing on the go isn’t your thing, these fast favorites are ready to serve up a quick portion of whatever you’re craving.


Top 5 Best Sweets

Sometimes there’s just no quieting a craving. Succumb to those sweet desires with a sinfully satisfying treat from one of these bakery havens. From classic New York cheesecake to light whipped chocolate mousse, there is a flavor and texture for any craving you may have.