Travel downtime is the perfect time to indulge in some personal pampering. Whether your idea of relaxation is watching the game or a fresh cocktail, Newark Liberty has so many places to unwind, you may be tempted to miss your flight.

Where to Unwind with a Glass of Wine

Red, white, dry, sweet…no matter your preference in taste, URW at EWR hosts a bevy of inviting spots to curl up with a glass of vino. With innumerable vintages to choose from, hand-selected by expert curators and sommeliers, there is a flavor to please even the most nuanced palate.

Where to Watch the Big Game

At Newark Liberty, you’ll find several places to grab a pint and catch every play, up close and personal, on crisp, high-definition flat screens. Because travel is no excuse to miss watching your favorite teams.

Where To Take The Kids

Keeping little ones occupied can feel like a full-time job in any situation, and travel is no exception. Luckily, Newark Liberty International has plenty of family-friendly options for travelers of all ages and sizes, so you can relax and leave the entertaining to us.